When You Don’t Need An Electrician!

Many ideas exist about what you can or can’t do electrically in your own home. There are home owners out there who do all electrical work in their home regardless, little realising that they are not only putting themselves in danger but also their family and their home.

Electricity does kill and there are fatalities and house fires every year related to poor or dangerous electrics. This is not helped by the fact that there are often unqualified people attempting electrical work who are not qualified to do so but feel they know enough about electrics to do the work far cheaper than a qualified electrician.

There are also people who call out an electrician because their lights have gone out only to find that their light bulb had blown and all was needed was a simple flick of a switch on their fuse box.

In these days of economic gloom, it will come as a relief to know that there are in fact electrical jobs that you can undertake yourself, perfectly legally in your own home. For the avoidance of doubt and to keep things simple, the easiest way to remember is that you can change like for like but not add anything else.

So if you want to change a broken switch or broken socket then it’s ok to do this, however please keep to the jobs small, do not attempt more complex jobs and if you do not feel confident in doing the work, always consult a qualified electrician who will be happy to assist.

Remember don’t put yourself, your family and your home at risk.

As I’ve said in the past, electricians do not charge the earth, always use a qualified electrician to carry out any job you are not confident in undertaking or jobs which you cannot legally do yourself. So if you do need us, we’re just a call away 0114 4000 099

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