The 13 Amp Rule

13 amp rule - M & E Electrical

Time and time again i get called out to overloaded extension leads with burnt out plugs and sockets. So i thought now would be a good time to give you all some helpful tips and advice on what you can and cant plug into extension leads.

Follow the advice below and use the overload calculator to make sure your using extension leads safely. Please remember if your in doubt then contact a registered electrician for advice

How many items can i plug into an extension lead?

This isn’t a question that is easy to answer as it depends what items you are plugging in. Follow the guidance below to see which items can be plugged in together and which can’t.

Am i overloading my extension lead?

Remember the 13 amp rule. Check out the ampage of the electrical items you are plugging in. Not all items will tell you the ampage, however most will tell you the wattage so we have to work out the ampage like this:

W = Wattage
V = Voltage
A = Ampage
This equation we must do is – W / V=A

So if our wattage is 2300W and our voltage is 230V (this is the average voltage for the UK) then we have a sum of 2300 / 230 = 10 amps.

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