No Electricity – What To Do In A Power Cut

Imagine the scene, you’ve woken up to find no electricity, you’ve missed your alarm, the fridge/freezer is starting to defrost. This is the last thing you need in a morning or at any time during the day as a matter of fact.

The first thing to do is try not to panic, I’m going to show you some ways we can get to the bottom of this situation without hopefully costing you a penny.

Check the board

Head over to your fuse board / consumer unit and lets see if anything has tripped out.

Check out the image. If something has tripped then it is likely to be one of the RCD’s.Fuse board components - What to look for in the event of a power cut These are small little devices that cut off the electricity supply in the event of a fault on an electrical circuit.

Try to turn the RCD back on, if it trips again then turn off all the MCB’s that the RCD controls. Then proceed to turn the RCD back on. If it trips again straight away then call your local electrician. If it stay’s on then turn your MCB’s back on one at a time until you get to the problem MCB which will trip the RCD again. Now you can have the majority of your electric on while we investigate further.

If it is a socket circuit that is causing the tripping then the next step is to go round and unplug everything that you can find. Now try once again to turn it on.

Tripped again? If so then this fault is something more serious, contact your local electrician to conduct some fault finding and rectification.

RCBO - Local Sheffield ElectricianIf your fuse board doesn’t look like the image above and also doesn’t have RCBO’s then you’ll need to contact an electrician also.

But what if nothing has tripped?

Could it be a power outage?

Could the reason be that there is a power cut or has the electric meter run out of funds. You’d be surprised at the amount of times we get called out to “Loss of power” jobs and it turns out to be the meter needs topping up.

However there could also be a power cut in your area. The best way to check that if you live in Yorkshire and still have access to the internet is here – Northern Power Grid – Power Cuts

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