Home Electrical Cover

Did You Know?

Most homes in the UK are rarely inspected for faulty wiring. This leads to over 750 serious accidents and 12500 fires in the UK every single year! Our Home Electrical Cover can protect you from becoming part of these statistics

If you don’t have any home electrical cover in place, you could be putting your home at risk but also your life and family in danger.

Don’t be left in the dark if a fault arises in your home

There is a smarter way to stay safe in your home, that’s by joining our Home Electrics Cover plan. We have designed our scheme to meet the strict demands and needs of home owners in our local area, Sheffield

Just Like Yourself!

Your Home Electrical Cover Includes

  1. REPAIRS: of your electrical wiring system, fixtures, light switches, wall sockets and more!
  2. PARTS AND LABOUR: All parts and labour are included for fitting standard replacement parts. This includes all fittings unless you decide to provide an alternative.
  3. ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE – ELECTRICAL WIRING: We’ll repair all accidental damage to the electrical wiring inside your home or property. Parts and labour will be limited to £250 for each occurrence.

What we don’t cover in our plan…

As you may know, there is no single plan that can cover absolutely everything. And ours is no exception.

Here’s a Quick Listing of Whats Not Covered…

  1. OUT BUILDINGS: Any structure that is separate to the main body of the dwelling
  2. GARDEN: Power supply’s and lighting within gardens, including water features .
  3. APPLIANCES: No household appliance is covered under this agreement.
  4. HEATING CONTROLS: Nothing associated with you boiler or heating controls.

“Are you ready to safely secure the electrical wiring in your home to avoid future accidents?”

Here’s how our Home Electrical Cover will work for you in 3 easy steps!

  1.  Make Your First Payment of £8.99
  2. Wait for your 14 day cooling off period to end
  3. Coverage Begins!

We have made signing up for our Home Electrics Cover super easy for you. Here’s how to get started with your very own personal plan right now…Simply click the subscribe now button to get started straight away and begin your cover and we will contact you to arrange for your Initial Electrical Inspection.

Or give us a call for more information on 0114 4181362