Have An Accident Free Christmas

If your house is like mine on Christmas day then you will recognise the following.

  • Excited children
  • Toys scattered everywhere
  • Wrapping paper heaped
  • Food being prepared
  • Batteries being hunted down

You get the picture, there are a lot of distractions and as a result a lot of potential for accidents. There are a few precautions you can take to avoid electrical related accidents in your home over Christmas.

  • Make sure Battery Chargers have kite marks (buy from trusted retailer only)
  • Do not leave ovens/hotplates unattended for long periods without checking
  • Watch children trying to plug in electronic toys etc
  • Ensure your socket outlets are in good shape
  • Be wary of cheap battery operated toys (they can start fires)
  • Bag up and bin wrapping paper, foil can be a conductor and paper burns

… And then we have Fairy Lights

Around 350 people a year are hurt by Christmas tree lights, according to RSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). Injuries include people falling while they’re putting them up, children swallowing the bulbs, and people getting electric shocks and burns from faulty lights.

Test your lights and the wiring before you put them up, as they can deteriorate over the years. If you have old lights, buy new ones that meet higher safety standards, Don’t overload sockets, as that’s a fire risk.

Have a great Christmas

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