Fake Chargers

The dangers of buying fake chargers from market stalls or the internet

burnt out extension leadSo they may be cheap but that’s usually for good reason, whether you know they are fake or not, it’s best to avoid buying fake chargers for your smartphone, iPad, Kindle, games consoles etc. Available on market stalls everywhere and all across the internet, these chargers can often be very dangerous and nowhere near a substitute for the real thing. Follow this guide, look out for these things and keep safe!

Build quality

There’s a chance that due to poor build quality, the pins of the charger will be the wrong size or length or the distance between the pins will be wrong. If this is the case then there’s a risk of electric shock when plugging and unplugging the device from a socket.

If you have trouble or if it’s too easy, plugging the charger into a socket there can also be risk of overheating and mechanical damage to both the socket and the charger which can be a fire risk.

Exposed wiring

A big no-no! Any electrical product or accessory with exposed wires is seriously dangerous and shouldn’t be used.

CE mark

A CE mark is a declaration by the manufacturer that the product meets the safety requirements of European law, however don’t rely on this as a guarantee that the charger is safe, like many other things, CE marks can be forged!

Mis-spelt or unconvincing branding

A dead give away that the charger is fake. Counterfeiters do their best to try and convince you that their imitation product is real but often they don’t do enough, if it looks fake, it probably is!

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