Electrical Safety Checks For Landlords

Are you a landlord or estate agent managing properties in Sheffield? Do you have a valid electrical safety check?

Stop and read about the new mandatory electrical safety checks for the private rental sectorThen you need to stop what your doing and read this, it will only take 5 minutes of your time.

A new legislation is about to be passed by parliament meaning that all rental properties will have to have a compulsory electrical safety check (EICR). This has been coming for many years, it can only be a good thing to improve everyone’s safety within the rental sector.

So what does this mean for Landlords in Sheffield?

Well the first thing you need to do is check weather or not you have a valid Electrical Condition Report. For rental properties these are usually valid for 5 Years or change of tenancy (whichever is soonest).

If your electrical condition report isn’t valid then I’d recommend getting one done as soon as possible. If you do not have a valid EICR then a fine of up to £30000 can be given by the local authority.

How often do i need to get an electrical safety check (EICR) on my rented property?

  • EICR for a new property – For landlords who buy to let. A property is like any purchase or investment and it makes sense to know exactly what you?re getting before parting with any money. This can prevent unforeseen costs down the line. A general home buyer’s survey does not include an inspection of the electrics. Yet faulty electrics could cost thousands of pounds to fix ? not to mention the risk to safety.
  • At change of occupancy – You may have had the electrics inspected at the time of buying a new property. However it is also recommended to get them checked again when one tenant leaves and before a new one arrives. This will enable you to carry out a full safety check to make sure nothing has deteriorated or been damaged during the previous tenancy. It also provides documented proof, both for yourself and the tenant, that the electrics were inspected at the beginning of their tenancy. Which can be crucial in the event of any accidents or incidents occurring.
  • Every five years – If there is no change of occupancy in the meantime. An EICR for landlords is recommended every five years. EICRs will look for any damage, deterioration, defects, dangerous conditions or non-compliance’s with present day safety standards and should be checked every five years to make sure nothing has changed which would cause concern.

How Can M & E Electrical Help?

Being the go to electrician in Sheffield, we pride ourselves on our customer service, attention to detail and coming up with innovative ideas that can help our clients.

We have two ways we can help landlords and estate agents in Sheffield:

  1. Join our Home Electrical Cover scheme. – By joining up you automatically get access to our members only site and also get a load of other money saving deals and tips which are exclusive to members only. More info can be found here
  2. Using your local Sheffield electrician. – If you would just like to use us for an electrical inspection then we’d be happy to help. Simply give us a call on 0114 4000 099 or book online here – Book Now

More information on the new legislation can be found here – https://www.mylocalelectrician.uk/news/mandatory-electrical-checks-private-rented-sector?fbclid=IwAR2rKo429fCml0ACGfwltCEajuNUAHH4YzundbK4ws4adr8POfAUJnvTzio

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