Are You Being Over Charged?

Being over charged doesn’t necessarily mean looking at the total price of the job, although to be fair the vast majority of us do look at that bottom line to determine whether or not to proceed.
When it comes to having electrical work carried out in your home, it is important that the electrician who carries out the work is going to leave your home in a safer state than it was before.

This week, I’m going to outline some simple fundamentals you need to think about when receiving quotes for electrical work.

Firstly, ensure that your quote contains a detailed breakdown of what work is going to be carried out along with a material breakdown – whats included in your quote? This is important. I have seen first hand the devastation caused to homeowners in Sheffield from simple misunderstandings between the homeowner and the electrician.

What materials are going to be used?

This may seem silly to suggest that the materials the trades person uses will be inferior but unfortunately it does happen. Much of the items fitted in your home such as ventilation Local Sheffield Electricianssystems (fans) consumer units (fuse boards) and down-lights have to comply with several electrical and building regulations. The use of inferior products obtained cheaply can leave your home in a dangerous condition, leading to increased risk of electrical fires and electric shock.

Does The Quote Seem Cheap?

If the quote you’ve received seems very cheap, I would suggest asking the electrician how the work can be done so cheaply – remember an electrician has to issue certificates, buy quality materials, provide a high standard of workmanship, be reliable and trustworthy, and above all be suitably qualified and insured to carry out the work. This is in addition to buying their tools and running costs of their van.

It’s Not A Nice Feeling

Quoting a customer for remedial work following shoddy and dangerous workmanship is never a pleasant experience and of course this has cost the customer more money in the longer term. I have seen jobs where the electrician has left part way through the job as the money had ran out leaving the customers home in a worse condition than it was in before.

I have also seen instances where the incorrect cable sizes have been used to connect household items such as cookers and showers leading to cable meltdown and fire. Live cables being left in customers homes when the electrician has left the job temporarily (often to go to a bigger, more lucrative job)

Don’t Fall In To The Trap

Don’t feel pressured into accepting a quote, take the time to think about what is right for your home.
An electrician doesn’t cost the earth, but please don’t fall into the trap of accepting very cheap quotes thinking that you will save money. Take the time to check the electricians credentials. Ask to speak to previous customers or check out their online reviews on google or Facebook
Remember if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t, trust your instincts and go elsewhere!

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  1. This is a fantastic article.
    It might also be worth checking if the electrician has a valid grade card.
    This allows you to see if they are qualified in electrical regulations and health & safety awareness.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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