What Takes 30 Seconds?

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So what takes 30 seconds of your time? its a strange question but its a question that could potentially save your life! So lets have a look at some of the things you could do in 30 seconds:

  1. You could look through social media
  2. you could make a cup of tea
  3. you could have a little rest

OR you could check your smoke alarms. The last thing anybody wants is to have a house fire and to think “if only I had checked the smoke alarms”smoke alarm test - M & E Electrical

If you haven’t got any smoke alarms fitted then i would strongly recommend getting some. Their are 3 different types of smoke alarms:

  1. Ionisation smoke alarms: The oldest type of smoke alarm and still the standard in the UK. The ionisation smoke alarm contains a small amount of radio-activity to operate. Ionisation alarms are best suited for landings and offices and other areas with fast flaming fires (wood, paper)
  2. Optical smoke alarms (also called photoelectric): detect fire with a small light beam within a chamber.There is no radio-activity in optical alarms and optical alarms are best suited for rooms with soft furnishings such as bedrooms, lounges and also halls. Optical smoke alarms are less likely to give false alarms from burnt toast.
  3. Heat alarms: These alarms detect excessive temperatures in a kitchen or garage. Some heat detectors also detect an unusual speed of temperature rise. These alarms are the answer to false alarms in your kitchen or garage. They are not suitable for the hall or the rest of the house!

It is best to get mains powered smoke alarms, or alarms with a 10 year battery. It is also now part of the building regulations to have mains powered smoke and heat alarms. The regulations state that their should be a smoke alarm on each floor of the property and a heat detector in the kitchen.

The rules have also changed the landlords. All rented accommodation needs to have working smoke alarms. more information can be found here: The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 Q&A Booklet for the Private Rented Sector – landlords and tenants

M & E Electrical can supply and fit your mains powered smoke and heat alarms for you from £195 inc VAT for more information please call 0114 4181 362

For more information on fire safety then please check out South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue


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